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For over 20 years, husband and wife duo Sorab Bouzarjomehri and Roshi Ameri have built upon the principles of quality, creativity, and individuality to create their eponymous label. Established in 1988, Sorab & Roshi began as a small, Sorabword-of-mouth business, which aimed to service the needs and wants of private clientele. Sorab and Roshi sought to fill a niche they felt empty in the current jewelry market; exquisite one-of-a-kind jewelry that was both bold, chic and sculptural. Their unorthodox approach to jewelry enamored a growing clientele; Sorab & Roshi soon found a cult following, quickly becoming known as the place to go to find unique, different jewelry. Coined "fantastical one-off creations" by The New York Times, Sorab & Roshi has redefined jewelry, producing pieces that have a life and personality of their own. In 2003, the duo decided to open up their business to the general public with the launch of a retail store in the Yellow Monkey Village of Cross River, NY. Sorab & Roshi was also exclusively sold at Charlotte Moss's Townhouse in New York City. Today, Sorab and Roshi have expanded their business with the addition of Sorab & Roshi ETC, which features an eclectic collection of home gifts and novelty items from around the world.