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Designer Sorab Bouzarjomehri never knew that his fascination with the arts would lead to his eventual career. With a BS in Civil Engineering and a MS in Industrial Engineering and Management, Sorab Bouzarjomehri redirected his knowledge and applied it to his passion, jewelry. He began his career with a costume jewelry line, Monarch, in the early 80s. The success of the line encouraged him to delve deeper, branching out into fine jewelry and establishing Sorab & Roshi Design in 1988. As a young designer, Bouzarjomehri's designs graced the cover of National Jewelers Magazine and several Fortunoff Christmas catalogues. Many of his designs were also picked up by Tiffany and Co. Bouzarjomehri then went on to become a Master Jeweler for Trianon and Seaman Schepps for six years before opening his retail boutique, Sorab & Roshi, in 2003.

Roshi Partner, Roshi Ameri has a long, pedigreed background in the jewelry industry. As an undergrad, Ameri studied Jewelry Design and Surface Fabric Design at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. After graduating, Ameri began her career at Canadian owned Henry Birks Jewelers in New York, where she was the liaison of the company's wholesale division in U.S. After ten years, Ameri moved on to become head of retail and wholesale division at Seaman Schepps in New York, where she stayed for 11 years. Today, Ameri acts as the Vice President of Sorab & Roshi Design.